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Natural remedies for Hypothyroidism – do they really work?

The job of the Thyroid gland is to produce Thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism. When there aren’t enough Thyroid hormones in the blood the body becomes sluggish and we call this condition Hypothyroidism. This article will explain a little about what Hypothyroidism is and then I will discuss whether natural remedies for Hypothyroidism are an effective alternative to conventional forms of treatment.

When the Thyroid gland starts to slow down it can cause many symptoms such as depression, weight gain, fatigue, constipation and an intolerance to cold to name a few of them. The reason that there are so many symptoms associated with this condition is because the Thyroid handles virtually all metabolic activity within the body and so most of the body can be affected with symptoms.

The conventional method of treating Hypothyroidism is with a synthetic version of the Thyroid hormone called Thyroxine (T4) and this can work well but in many cases people are left suffering with symptoms even though blood test results show normal levels of Thyroid hormones. By using the conventional method of treatment (Synthetic Thyroxine) the symptoms are being masked but no healing actually takes place so you would have to take this form of medication for the rest of your life.

Natural remedies for Hypothyroidism are an excellent alternative to synthetic Thyroxine because they actually target the root cause of the problem. For instance over your lifetime your body may have accumulated many environmental toxins which have then had the knock on effect of slowing your Thyroid down. To correct this you might have to use a detox protocol in order to eliminate the toxins which in turn could return the Thyroid gland to full function.

So what do natural remedies for Hypothyroidism consist of? Usually natural remedies consist of a healing protocol using diet and herbal and or vitamin supplements. As with many health conditions diet plays a key role because ensuring that your body gets all the nutrients it needs is very important for the whole body to function optimally. Herbs and vitamins can also help to provide support if needed and the great thing about herbs and vitamins is that they have little to no side effects which is a refreshing change when compared to conventional treatments which have long lists of side effects.

A lot of people can get put off when looking at natural remedies for Hypothyroidism and that is because they most likely will have to make diet and lifestyle changes. For someone who has had the same routine for their whole life making big changes can seem daunting but honestly, it’s not as bad as you think and it all becomes second nature after a short while.

It’s my opinion that using natural remedies for Hypothyroidism where possible is a better option because you are finding out what the underlying cause of your condition is and correcting it and in turn healing the body and the Thyroid gland. Isn’t this a much better option than merely masking symptoms as conventional methods of treatment do?

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