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Natural remedies for Hypothyroidism – the best way to heal

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the Thyroid gland starts to slow down and when this happens it doesn’t produce enough Thyroid hormones for the body to function properly. As the Thyroid gland is responsible for virtually all metabolic activity within the body it can produce many symptoms such as weight gain, depression, constipation, fatigue and intolerance to cold plus many more. This article will explain what the conventional method to treat this condition is and I’ll also explain why I think natural remedies for Hypothyroidism are the best way to end Hypothyroidism symptoms.

Once diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, your doctor will prescribe a synthetic version of the Thyroid hormone which you take every day for the rest of your life. Thyroid medication is closely monitored and you will be required to have regular blood tests so that medication is kept at the correct level. This method of treatment works well for most and many see their symptoms disappear quickly. There are some people who this form of treatment doesn’t work well for even when they are on the correct dose and these people tend to look for alternatives in an attempt to rid themselves of the horrible symptoms.

Natural remedies for Hypothyroidism are a great alternative treatment and that is because they actually treat the problem. Most conventional methods of treatment only mask or treat the symptoms and so the underlying problem often goes untreated and this is the case with Hypothyroidism. Natural remedies target the underlying cause and correct it which enables healing to take place.

A natural remedy may consist of a few different methods rolled in to one treatment protocol and may include switching from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle would mean exercising more and eating a healthy balanced diet and avoiding junk foods and unhealthy snacks. There are many foods which can be included in a healthy diet which can help to boost Thyroid function by providing it with all the necessary nutrients for it to function correctly.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, natural remedies for Hypothyroidism may include herbs, vitamins and minerals. When these are needed it is probably because your body is deficient in some of the nutrients required for optimal Thyroid function. Healing herbs are often used to provide a helping hand to the Thyroid and the great thing about herbs, vitamins and minerals is that there are little to no side effects whereas conventional methods of treatment have many side effects associated with them. When taking herbs, vitamins and minerals always do so with the advice of a qualified naturopath who will be able to provide the correct dosages for you to take.

It is my opinion that treating Hypothyroidism naturally is the best option because the root cause is discovered and treated meaning healing takes place whereas conventional treatment will just hide the symptoms and the underlying cause will remain untreated. Natural remedies for Hypothyroidism are gentle and work well but it is important to give these methods of treatment time to work as they don’t give instant results.

  1. October 1, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    When our forefathers needed Initial Help, they did not have a handy little box crammed with all sorts of over-the-counter medicines for anyToday, we\\\’re so employed to popping in to the nearest pharmacy and locating what we require conveniently affreux out on a shelf that most of us have forgotten the remedies used by our grandmothers, and their moms and grandmothers just before them. You may scoff at these treatments and dismiss them as aged wives tales, and in some circumstances, you may be correct. But don\\\’t be also quick to dismiss them. You will find \\\’old-fashioned remedies\\\’ out there which nearly all of us can find on our pantry shelves, and which really functionBelieve it or not, one of the most well-known and trustworthy home remedies is the potato. From my own encounter, I can tell you that potato treatments actually function. My son is extremely prone to insect bites. When he was bitten by something (we think it had been a spider) as a small child, the bite swelled up and became really inflamed. On the advice of his grandmother, I put a potato poultice on the bite, left it overnight (not straightforward to achieve having a little boy!) and in the morning the inflammation had gone down, and also the bite was only aHow does it function? Any person who cooks can tell you that potatoes have really potent absorbing qualities. So, doesn\\\’t it make feeling which they could be useful in any condition that requires the drawing out of harmful toxins or other unwanted substances?

  2. February 18, 2012 at 10:38 pm

    Absolutely right. Natural remedy is the best to start with but sometimes you become so much hypo that natural remedies just dont seem to work. Thyroxine or Armour has to be taken for life then to keep thyroid function and body working.

    I envy people who can fix their thyroid by this means and sometimes natural remedies restore normal thyroid function.


  1. July 17, 2012 at 10:47 pm

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